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Ormonde Jayne - London Perfumery

Discover Ormonde Jayne for the most exquisite gifts, luxury perfumes, bathing oils and scented candles known to mankind.

A London-based perfumery, Ormonde Jayne returns to the golden age of perfumery, an elegant era when fragrance creation was a fine art, when essential oils and absolutes were allowed to infuse for a period of months before filtration and then allowed to mature again before bottling, resulting in a deeper, more complex perfume. Ormonde Jayne’s oils are compounded and matured in the classical style in our own London laboratory. Ormonde Jayne’s creator, Linda Pilkington, upholds the art with the launch of her independent perfume house is 2000.

Rare oils are hunted down for the men’s and women’s perfumes and these are blended with specially selected botanical extracts including orchid oil, water lily, green ginger and sea fennel to create the bath and body collection. To ensure the quality and supply of oils, Ormonde Jayne sources and visits growers worldwide, from Madagascar to Morocco, not only seeing the plantations but knowing the grower, the pickers and intimate details of the climate and environment.

Osmanthus Parfum Collection

Osmanthus Fragrance is a fruity floral white flower from Japan and China.

Like a deliciously crisp spring day, this uplifting creation with Japanese Osmanthus absolute is a beautifully composed bouquet of flowers, embellished with golden citrus notes. Layered on a bed of Egyptian sweet herbs, it is intense, fresh and yet uncomplicated.


Osmanthus parfum is created with Japanese Osmanthus absolute and is the most concentrated form in the Osmanthus perfume collection.

Top Notes: Pomello, davana (sweet Egyptian herb) and pimento

Heart Notes: Osmanthus absolute, water lily and sambac (Indian jasmine)

Base Notes: Cedarwood, labdanum resin, musk and vetiver

Osmanthus parfum is presented in a 50ml French glass flacon overlaid with gold and finished off with a Japanese ribbon motif.

Frangipani Parfum Collection

With its large elegant cream coloured petals, frangipani is perhaps the queen of all tropical flowers. The heart of the structure is a fabulous heady fusion of frangipani, jasmine and tuberose absolutes, elevated with plum, water lilies and green orchid oil. The scent has great foundations and architecture, the notes are soft, captivating and unforgettable.


Frangipani parfum is created with White Frangipani along with Jasmine and Tuberose absolutes. It is the most concentrated form in the Frangipani perfume collection.

Top Notes: Linden blossom, magnolia flower and lime peel.

Heart Notes: White frangipani, jasmine, rose and tuberose absolutes, water lilies, plum, and green orchid oil

Base Notes: Amber, musk, cedar and French vanilla absolute

Frangipani parfum is presented in a 50ml French glass flacon overlaid with gold and finished off with a Japanese ribbon motif.

Ta’if Perfume Collection

A damask rose from Arabia.

Ta´if, a town rising 5000 ft above the shores of the Red Sea and overlooking the Arabian desert, is renowned for its plantations of Ta´if rose.

Ta´if by Ormonde Jayne is an intoxicating and audacious rose scent. This perfume dislikes daylight preferring dusk, the night, parties, promises and assignations. It is an opulent composition which makes a bold entrance and is confident enough to sweep everyone else to one side - a real belle of the ball. Ta´if is flamboyant but also sophisticated, a torrid blend of saffron, pink pepper, rose, dark sappy tree resins and broom - it is dynamic, daring and madly in love with life.


Ta’if parfum is created with Ta’if rose oil and is the most concentrated form in the Ta’if perfume collection.

Top Notes: Pink pepper, saffron and dates

Heart Notes: Rose oil, freesia, orange flower absolute and jasmine

Base Notes: Broom and amber

Ta’if parfum is presented in a 50ml French glass flacon overlaid with gold and finished off with a Japanese ribbon motif.

Ormonde Woman Perfume Collection (woody-signature scent)

Beginning and ending with the unique scent of Black Hemlock absolute - rarely used in such luscious quality and quantity - this utterly hypnotic, unconventional and mysterious woody essence is combined with jasmine and violet absolute to create a dusky, seductive perfume.

Eau de Parfum

Ormonde Woman Eau de Parfum is created with Black Hemlock Absolute and includes notes of grass oil, violet and jasmine absolute. Cedar wood, amber and sandalwood make this signature scent a dusky, seductive perfume.

Top Notes: Cardamom, coriander and grass oil

Heart Notes: Black hemlock, violet and jasmine absolute

Base Notes: Vetiver, cedar wood, amber and sandalwood

Ormonde Woman Eau de Parfum is presented in a 50ml glass spray-bottle, finished off with a Japanese ribbon motif.

Visit: Ormonde Jayne


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