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Every season comes with its own hacks. Summer is perfect for letting our hair free (if the heat lets you), wear shorts and those awesome strappy sandals you love so much. Fall and winter, especially, are those times where we have to wear so many clothes that we often forget about style. When the temperature goes down we obviously feel the need to be covered by a lot of layers and accessories.

But those accessories can also be chic and stylish if you know where to look. Think about all the layers you’re going to have on and also think about how all of them are going to be connected to create one spectacular look.

And of course, every season the trends affect accessories as well. And although we have some basics (gloves, scarves, beanies), it is always good taking a look at what’s hot right now and what will help us be hot even during the cold days. Remember: always keep the classics in the closet, but mix them up with new items to make your style game really interesting.

With that said, let’s take a look at what the fashion world say would let us be warm but also be the chicest girls around during the winter this year.

Bracelets over sleeves

Do you remember when our moms used to do this and we thought it was kind of weird? Well, guess who’s back? The past fall-winter runways made a real bet for maxi accessories after a long time of only having big earrings and minimalistic pieces. Today, bracelets are a must and we’re not willing to give them up for the cold.

If you like this trend, it is key for you to understand that it will look awesome paired with one thing and one thing only: sweater sleeves. Whether they’re thin or really thick (those are my favorites because they’re super cozy), they are the perfect place to put your bracelets. Don’t even think about putting them over your jacket, because it would look super weird. Sometimes fashion has rules that cannot be broken.

Tassel love

Yes, I said tassels. Those same ones we often see in our house curtains or pillows, but in a variety of colors and all over our clothes and accessories.

Fashion has always a thing for ornaments. A few years ago we went through a fringe-mania era and everyone was cool about it at first, but then everyone just had enough. Tassels have been around since last year, but they really look good in accessories like scarves. If you want to go for the jewelry side, try necklaces or my personal favorite, earrings. Only that this time you don’t have to use a metal piece to hold the earring, just let the tassel be (if you want to add more drama, look for a pair of earrings with tassels made out of little stones). If you definitely want to go further, try coats with little tassels on them for this winter. But be careful with how much you spend, you wouldn’t want to be crying about that little fortune on an item you will wear for only a couple more seasons.

Fur is more fun

Of course, I’m talking about faux fur. I just love the effect it has on an outfit, but I have no intentions of knowing a little animal suffered on the way. This winter, as much as the past one, everything has something furry on it: shoes, bags, scarves, gloves and of course, coats.

Pom poms are not just for cheering

Along with tassels, these figures are one of the most wanted on this winter’s gear. You can find them in many different ways, from a charm or a keychain to your shoes of favorite jewelry. Again, this kind of trend is really delicate to wear, because it can be too much if it’s not used carefully. And it’s not for everyone either, but I really think everyone should try a bold choice of wardrobe once in a while. How about a nice cute beanie that has a big and
cuter pom pom at the top? I think you’ll agree with me: the idea is just adorable.

The best advice I can give you here is: go bold. This season is going to be about having a ton of different small brooches all over your jacket, and I can tell you that is super cool. And if you want to be even cooler, check if your mom or grandma have some of these in their jewelry boxes. Can you imagine a vintage pin on a cute leather jacket? A match made in heaven!


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