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How To Get Unique Jewellery?

Author - Jeffery Nevil

Jewellery has been with us since we began to manufacture tools and resources, the colourful and rarity of the gems, metals and stones must have enticed our more artistic creative side and over the next few millennia we refined our skills and intricacy and through the ages have been able to come up with some incredibly extravagant as well as delicate pieces. Our love of unique and eye catching jewellery has never desisted if anything it has only intensified as our global communication increased and more and more resources became available to us thanks to easy global travel and trade. Now we are lucky enough to be wearing Turquoise mainly mined in South-West North America to the Rubies of South-East Asia.
So when it comes 2013 is there such thing as unique jewellery? It's been around forever and every gem has been added and every metal manipulated...but luckily with passing fashions it's given us the ability to see jewellery in a new light every few decades! So when it comes to getting your hands on some what is the best thing to look out for? Well the first thing to work out is what you are looking for, and by this I mean precisely. You need to work out what type of jewel you want, then what metal will compliment it the best and finally design, though you could start with design as most people have a clearer vision of the motif but this is solely up to you.
So when picking what you want you can be slightly lost in a sea of choice because of our global trade possibilities, so let me break down all the selection and varieties.


mber, is an organic gem made out of tree resin and has a lovely translucent orange colour. Also to be fully classified as Amber it must be over 100 million years old.

Amethyst, is the highest sort after quartz gemstone, having a rich purple colour has made it a popular choice for royalty to high street. 

Diamond, pure crushed carbon, the hardest substance known to man, easily the most converted stone on this planet and the price reflects this.

Emerald, stained rich green from touches of chromium in its element compound structure. To be this is the most beautiful of all the gems because of its intensity and has been used as far back as 3500 bc.

Jade, known as the stone of heaven and heavily associated with Asian culture it. Though normally known for its green colour you can also get blue, lavender-mauve and pink.

Ruby, the king of the gem stones it has special physical properties that give it an added luminescence. You can also get it in additional hues of orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.

Sapphire, known for its strong concentration in colour it is the most affordable out of emerald, diamond and sapphire. Its purple tone has many regal connections.


old, pure gold should be so soft it can be moulded by the hand but because of this we add extras to give it more strength. The most expensive of the rare metals it has been a stable of jewellery since the beginning and will do forever.

Silver, the step below gold has a more metallic looking structure and has a more timeless look. Though seen as second best to gold its use in modern jewellery has made it a favourite.

Platinum, known for its grey white colour, it is a very expensive malleable metal. It is one of the most rare elements within the Earth's crust making its resale value on the high end of chain. Though because of its heavy consistency reacts badly with salts therefor never allowing it to become more precious than the totally inherit metal gold.

So if fashion is leaning towards chunky gold, look for a medium sized chain, this keeps it more universal between trends but still staying fashionable. If the in colour is blue, look out for a green blue for similar reason to the metal. This aspect will keep you instead for the jewellery you buy for the rest of your life and you will always be able to keep and find unique pieces of jewellery custom or high street.


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