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Colourful and Stylish Conservative Clothing


Maintaining modesty with style can be a tricky business, but the designs of UAE - based fashion designer Rabia Zargarpur make staying fashionably modest a touch more glamorous. Rabia donned the hijab while pursuing her studies in the US. This is when she realised the challenges faced by Muslim women in the post-9/11 era, when the hijab became perceived as a symbol of fear. Her response? To design creative outfits for the modern Muslim woman.



Her models have walked the ramp of many international fashion shows, wearing the hijab in cities like New York, Miami, London and Milan. Despite receiving tremendous praise for her work, she has also taken the heat from conservative Muslims for being too fashionable.

‘I never called my fashion, “Islamic fashion”. It was the media that started calling it that. I promote modesty,’ explains Rabia. ‘The fact is that we have to live in this life, in this society and in these trying times. Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has said to choose moderation and that’s what I see.’ (from Aquila Style)


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