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What Strong Relationships Have In Common


For over a decade, award-winning speaker, TV personality, and published author, Dr. Hasani Pettiford, has been a recognized authority on human sexuality, interpersonal relationships, and personal growth and development. Hasani has directly impacted the lives of many of his clients as he fulfills his mission to change the way men and women relate to one another, putting them on the path to healthier, more meaningful relationships.”
Instead of focusing on the pitfalls of flailing relationships, we asked Pettiford about his happiest couples, what they share and why they’re so. Here’s his tips.
Dr. Hasani Pettiford, Ph.D.
1. Happy couples successfully communicate their “love language”.
Pettiford explains that “love language” is a hot topic these days. Essentially, this falls into five categories. 1. words of affirmation–words you say to your partner to express your love for them. 2. quality time–meaning spending time focused on them communing. 3. acts of service–meaning things you do for them that means something to them; cooking a meal for example. 4. physical touch–touching them the way they enjoy being touched aka not necessarily sexually. 5. giving of gifts.
2. Meeting your partner’s emotional needs.
Emotional needs are met when you take the time to understand what makes your partner feel loved. “I have a Ph.D in my wife Danielle,” Pettiford says.
Understanding and discovering differences and finding the commonalities. Men and women are wired differently. Acceptance for your partner is a coming together, in this way you’re helping your partner find their purpose in life.
4. Participate in recreational activities together. 
Doing with your partner things they love to do keeps couples together.
5. Effective communication.
“We come to our love relationships soaked in the marinade of our past,” Pettiford says. It’s a daily practice to consider your partner, the important thing is to make sure you both feel open enough and trusting enough to express what you want and what you don’t want.
6. Surround yourself with other healthy couples. 
Pettiford recommends couples find “marriage mentors.” People who have great relationships you’d like to model.
7. Relationship is spelled W-O-R-K!
Hasani Pettiford, Ph.D
Nothing comes without putting in some effective hard work, and relationships are no different. Commitment to a great relationship has a much better chance of existing if both people make it a priority.  Read more on Knoworthy


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